YEOs' Co-Founders


Zvia has worked with innovative, growth stage organizations in the education sector for more than 20 years. This includes serving on the legal team of the first charter school to open in New York State, business development for early stage EdTech start­ups, and growing and operating youth entrepreneurship programs with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Her volunteer work has also revolved around building community in the startup space in NYC. 


Most recently, Zvia served as Director, New York Metro Region, for NFTE, a global youth entrepreneurship nonprofit. In that role she was responsible for implementing and expanding the NFTE program across the tri-state area. 


Zvia currently co-chairs the NYC chapter of 1 Million Cups, a monthly breakfast for entrepreneurs, and previously chaired EdTechWomen NYC, a networking group for women in EdTech.


Zvia received her JD from the New York University School of Law, where she was Editor in Chief of the Environment Law Journal, and her BA from Washington University in St. Louis. 

Apurva has always been in awe of the sciences and this passion led him to the Healthcare industry where he has worked for more than 21 years. Working at Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostics companies Apurva gained many insights working in Sales, Training, Business Development and Sales Management and has been particularly successful in novel product launches. Whether it was launching a first in class biologic or Next Generation Sequencing assays to help clinicians find the right therapy for their Cancer patients his main driver has always been putting patients first. Wayne Gretzky, the great hockey player, always used to say “You have to skate to where the puck is going” which is why Apurva shifted to Roche’s newly formed Digital Healthcare Franchise last year to lead a Sales Team that provides innovative Clinical Decision Support software for Oncologists. In the case of Apurva’s philosophy as it pertains to his corporate career it embodies - Doing Now What Patients Need Next.


In addition to having won numerous sales awards through the years Apurva also achieved Global recognition winning the International Sales Excellence award while working at Novartis. Apurva is proud of his accomplishments in the corporate world however he’s always had the ambition and drive to want to do more. Prior to working in Corporate America he ventured into entrepreneurship starting his first business in communications while still in college. Apurva’s interest in entrepreneurship grew with time and it ultimately led to additional businesses in global trade, real estate, the restaurant industry but it wasn’t until he Co-Founded mini-Preneur, a for profit entrepreneurship program for kids, that he realized why he had been an entrepreneur - it was to teach kids about entrepreneurship.


Apurva lives in New York City with his wife and two boys and every year he and his family travel extensively immersing themselves over the summer in various countries throughout Asia and Europe. Since Apurva’s boys play competitive soccer the travel bug has translated to attending the World Cup every four years as well. The trips allow the family to experience meeting different people, eating different foods, being exposed to different cultures and seeing a different way of life ultimately shaping the minds and lives of his boys.

Apurva Co-Founded YEOs because he has a passion for sparking innovation in kids who are interested in business and social entrepreneurship. He believes that if we can provide life skills to kids at an early age anything and everything is possible for them which falls in line with his true passion - Doing Now What Kids Need Next.


After 15 years of executive experience working in finance and IT at companies like Goldman Sachs, Pfizer and the Toronto Star, Nik redefined success for himself - prioritizing his desire to thrive over his desire to survive - as a means to improve his quality of life. 

In the six years since, Nik pursued his long-term dream of entrepreneurship and launched three different companies in wildly different industries including men’s grooming, subscription boxes for kids and real estate. While feeling the exhilaration of self-made success with some and the gut-wrenching pain of failure with others, he came to realize that failure, followed by the perseverance to learn and keep going, was to be become the pathway to his success. 


Soon thereafter and continuously inspired by the curiosity of his middle school children and their innate ability to take risk, Nik co-founded mini-preneur, a for-profit organization developed to teach entrepreneurship to kids through real-life experiences. To truly scale the program and realize his dream of expanding knowledge and infusing entrepreneurial passion amongst all kids so they can take better control of their destiny, Nik is excited about shifting mini-preneur to a not-for-profit model through YEOs. 


Today, Nik lives with his family in NYC, balancing his days among his greatest passions: the launch of YEOs, the operations of his real estate company, the throes of completing his first fiction book and most importantly, the chauffeuring of his kids to their various activities which gives him a daily dose of optimism and hope as one naturally has while contemplating the future of the universe through children’s perspectives.